Antigen processing and presentation

It is the process by which antigen-presenting cells digest proteins from inside or outside the cell and display the resulting antigenic peptide fragments on cell surface MHC molecules for recognition by T cells is central to the body's ability to identify signs of infection or abnormal cell growth. As such, understanding the processes and mechanisms of antigen processing and presentation provides us with crucial insights necessary for the design of vaccines and therapeutic strategies to bolster T-cell responses.

Multiple sclerosis, the most common nerve disease in young adults, is a chronic inflammatory disorder of the nervous system that is believed to be due to a misguided autoimmune attack on myelin, a protective coating on nerve cells. In multiple sclerosis, myelin is slowly eroded by the body's immune system, leading to problems with muscle coordination (because muscles require the action of nerves) and vision. As the disease progresses, for some reason inflammation decreases, but lasting damage has already been done to body tissues. Researchers suspect that the autoimmune trigger in multiple sclerosis may be infection by a virus or other microorganism, but this has not been proven beyond doubt.

  • B-cell and T-cell receptors
  • Advanced research in antigen sampling and processing
  • Circulatory antigen processing
  • Viral interferences
  • Tap independent processing pathways
  • Humoral and cellular immune responses
  • Antigen processing through macroautophagy
  • Extracellular acidosis
  • Pattern recognition receptors and cellular encapsulation
  • Cellular senescence and cancer in aging
  • Vaccination-induced cellular immunity
  • Cellular automata and agent based models
  • Hypersensitivity, asthma and allergic responses
  • Mast cell in allergic inflations

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