Clinical and Translational Immunology

Clinical immunology is defined as study of diseases and disorders that may occur as a result of weak immune system including failure, aberrant action, and malignant growth of the cellular elements of the system. It also includes diseases of other systems, where immune reactions play a part in the pathology and clinical features. Application of immunological discovery to the delivery of effective immunological solutions for the benefit of health and wellbeing is termed as translational immunology. For instance the development of vaccines against infectious diseases or the engineering of new types of drugs to treat inflammatory disorders.

  • Clinical outcomes in hematopoietic stem cell disorders
  • Immunological aspects of endocrine diseases
  • Endotypes & phenotypes in chronic rhinosinusitis
  • Clinical manifestation and IgE recognition
  • Clinical studies and genomics
  • Immune-mediated neurological syndromes
  • Stem cell therapy
  • Immunological aspects of endocrine diseases
  • Vaccination and immunotherapy
  • Drug Allergy

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