Immunogenetics is a branch of Immunobiology which is defined as subspeciality of medicine that studies the relationship between genetics and immunology. It comprises the study of normal immunological pathways and the identification of genetic variations that result in immune defects, which may result in the identification of novel therapeutic targets for immune diseases. It helps in understanding the pathogenesis of several autoimmune and infectious diseases. It comprises all processes of an organism, which are, on the one hand, controlled and influences by the genes of the organism, and are, on the other hand, significant with respect to the immunological defense reactions of the organism.

  • Granulocyte Immunology
  • Genes and Immunity
  • Immunogenetics and Pharmacogenetics
  • Vasculitis and Autoimmune Disease
  • Platelet Immunology
  • Genetic Research
  • Genetics of Allo Antigens
  • Genetic control of immune cell activation
  • Chronic Inflammation
  • Immunogenicity

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